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Sign up to our members club for only 0.99c AUD per year! Pay via the button! Once you pay you will receive an email to finalise your registration. Then you have full access to the members page.

Details about our Subscriptions:

If you buy our monthly subscription box at the end of each calendar month you will receive:

  • A history book – each month we will surprise you with a new book!
  • A selection of tea and coffee
  • A mystery with a set of clues to solve! You will receive a printed set of card clues and a booklet that you have to work your way through to solve the mystery!
  • Some extra stuff – surprises! !

You can also sign up to a digital subscription only box that you will have emailed to you at the end of each month for only $3.99! The digital box includes the mystery with a set of clues to solve in digital format!

You will be charged every month on the date you sign up and get your box sent to you on the last day of each month to arrive on your doorstep within the first week or two of the following month depending on where you live in the world! If you don’t like tea, coffee or have a preference please let us know in the notes of your order! Otherwise, you will get a selection of tea and coffee of different brands and other goodies! Same with the history book, if you really like a specific topic on history please write it in the notes. Thanks!