No new blog posts have been created for this website in a while. Now it’s time to inform of the up and coming changes envisioned.

To begin, this website was created in 2017 as a platform to share archaeology and history news, publish chapters of books and have links to other relevant websites. It is a mixed bag of goodies with the social media pages used primarily for sharing other people’s news posts and the website used for sharing blogs and book chapters.

Now there will be some up and coming additions to this site. More book chapters will be added, alongside audio books, videos (links via YouTube) and more blog posts. Blog post topics will be written on just about every history topic, ranging from ancient Egypt through to modern history from the far reaches of the globe. What is also so important is this website is a general hobby website and it will remain so. Links to other exciting websites and news will always be a strong feature envisioned for the site.

Archaeology mysteries and books will be updated in the coming months with new blog posts, news and other additions. If you have any news you would like to see more of please email your ideas to

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