Here on the archaeological mysteries and books site the aim is to share news, information, provide links to informative websites and post blogs and stories about archaeology mysteries and discoveries. But also to provide reviews on upcoming fiction and non fiction books and to have a space to showcase writing and research.

Our books page is where those writings are showcased. At the moment, it is just my writing (Cassie Madden) and research there for everyone to read. I started writing when I was a child and have a heap of half written, unpublished works lying around on various computers. Therefore, I thought now was a good time to start putting some of my writings on this website to share. It is my side hobby and passion at the moment. By the end of every week there is a new chapter to read for those who are interested in adventure, mystery and solving puzzles.

One of the books is about a woman named Lena Ruther’s who is investigating a mysterious man in one of her grandmother’s photos. While the other book, is about a woman named Cottony Randstand who is going on an adventure of a lifetime with her brother, cousin, and friend, investigating an unknown land. If that writing interests you then those chapters are there to read anytime. Audio versions and video will be added soon.

I highly recommend for everyone to follow their passions and do what they love.

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