There are so many archaeological mystery and action adventure genre books to read right now. Some that were released towards the end of 2018, some being released this year, and some are old classics. Great authors include: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, N.S. Wikarski, Elly Griffiths, Elizabeth Peters, James Rollins, Kitty Pilgrim, Lyn Hamilton, Erin Hart, Aaron Elkins, Mathew Reilly, Andy McDermott, Paul Sussman, Boyd Morrison, Clive Cussler, Chris Kuzneski, Steve Berry and Tom Knox to name but a selection. You can check out their great reads anytime. Books range from traditional archaeological detective mysteries through to high action-packed adventure thrillers discovering ancient and modern mysteries, codes, murders, and even involve partaking in quests. Here are some books to add to your reading list in 2019 if you haven’t already.

Verses of the dead – Douglas Preston and Lincoln

An agent Prendergast book that sounds like an amazing read. Prendergast and his new partner special agent coldmoon go to investigate a set of ritualistic murders. Where the murderer is leaving a cryptic note, and the hearts of the victims on the graves of those who have committed suicide. An interesting new twist on the classic murder mystery.

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Crucible: A thriller – James Rollins

A new book being released this month, and it sounds like a great thriller to sink your teeth into. It is a sigma force novel where commander Gray Pierce’s house is broken into and his pregnant lover is missing, and his friend’s wife is the only one who knows what has happened, but she is in comatosed state until a neurologist comes along to help. Then the mystery begins, and Gray goes off to find answers exploring far into history crossing over the Spanish inquisition and malleus maleficarum (hammer of witches).

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A long time coming – Aaron Elkins

A recently released crime mystery to read. An adventure where art curator Val Caruso goes off to recover a set of sketches by Renoir that have turned up for auction. An action-packed adventure follows, with art theft, crime and mystery.

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Shadow Tyrants – Clive Cussler & Boyd Morrison

It is certainly hard to keep up with the continuous flow of books being published by talented author Clive Cussler and his whole collection are great reads. One of his latest releases is the Shadow Tyrants. An eastern emperor empowered nine men with a secret that could change the course of history. Today their descendants have formed rival factions and are not getting along. Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon are tasked with saving the day and go on an action-packed adventure. Sounds amazing.

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The spear of Atlantis – Andy McDermott

The Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase series is one of the best action adventure collection out there. The latest in the series is the spear of Atlantis. The two central characters Nina and Eddie have grown throughout the books. In this book, Nina is framed with the theft of a priceless artefact during a daring raid on a cruise.  She is on the run and discovers a group searching for an ancient Atlantean weapon. Eddie and Nina go on their next big adventure to find out who is responsible and save the day once more.

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The three secret cities – Matthew Reilly

If you are a Matthew Reilly fan and have read the four legendary kingdoms, then you will love the next installment in the Jack West series called the three secret cities. It is another action adventure to find the three secret cities and save the day. It is full of surprise, twists, turns, action and so much more.

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These books are just some of many amazing archaeology, mysteries and adventure book options to read for 2019.  Happy reading

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