There are many books, manuscripts, documents and writings that have intrigued scholars over the years. Here we look at 5 interesting writings, one said to be fake and the rest genuine, and all bringing interesting findings.

Dead sea scrolls

Discovered in 1946 by a boy in a cave in the limestone cliffs by the Dead Sea, the scrolls have revealed a lot of valuable biblical information for scholars. The 900 scrolls and fragments provide interesting information and are the earliest known records of the Old Testament. The scrolls also provide information about the Hebrews from around 530 BCE (Before Common Era) to 70 CE (Common Era).

It was a fluke that they were found and still intact and were able to be pieced back together to give researchers a glimpse into our past. New light and information is being learned about the scrolls and the information about the Jewish people, including their calendars and festivals.

Lead Codices

The lead codices are 70 metal tablets discovered in 2008 in Jordan. The lead codices contain a portrait of Jesus and were said to be over 2000 years old. They were also said to contain the teachings of Jesus himself. There has been much speculation about these codices and if they are genuine. They are now believed to be fakes. The scholars David and Jennifer Elkington have written a book on the topic titled: Discovering the Lead Codices: the book of Seven Seals and the secret teachings of Jesus.

Voynich Manuscript

A manuscript containing an undecipherable language, interesting images of unknown plants and other things is still to this day baffling researchers. The manuscript first came to light in the early 1912 when a book dealer named Wilfred Voynich came upon its unknown and mysterious pages. Many scholars have tried to decipher this manuscript to no avail and many thinking it was even a hoax.

Today many new findings have come to light including more recent ones available here that claim to have deciphered the book using technological advancements.

Magna Carta

The Magna Carta was an extremely important document in history as it was the foundation of common law. In 1215 the Magna Carta was issued to promote peace between king John and his Barons at Runnymede although it was not completely successful in achieving this mission and only lasted 3 months, leading to further revisions and follow on legal documents. It is an extremely important document of its kind and because it was the first document to limit royal powers by law and offer rights to free men.

The Declaration of Independence

In 1776 the declaration of independence was drafted after much research and consideration and became official on the 4th of July that same year. It was the start of America’s independence from Great Britain. The document dissolves Great Britain political control over the colonies in America and enabled them to lead and choose their own government. It is the start of the Americas self-government and therefore an extremely important document for the country.

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